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How Qatar bought Britain

Qatar: the world’s richest country per-capital, one of the fastest growing economies and the third biggest gas reserves in the world. How this tiny Gulf state is buying up Britain and becoming increasingly integral to our future energy security.

Inside Dementiaville: the pioneering Dutch dementia home revolutionising care

How a pioneering village for dementia sufferers is transforming lives and attracting the attention of governments around the world. Dementia has been described as a ticking time bomb for our generation as we witnesses a dramatic rise in the ageing population. It is an issue that affects us all.

The return of the British Rajas

The great Indian Brain Gain. It’s more than 60 years since the end of the British Empire in India, yet today thousands of British Indians are now returning to India in the biggest migration since Independence to seek better economic fortunes over there.

British Libyans return to fight against Gaddaffi

British Libyans on the frontline in the war against Gaddafi tell their story.

Tunisia: what now for the birthplace of the Arab Spring revolution?

Riots, political vacuum and mass migration — these are just some of the problems now gripping Tunisia, birthplace of the so-called Jasmine Revolution, as it struggles to move towards democracy. As other countries in the region emulate Tunisia in the Arab Spring revolt, what happens here could be indicative of the future of others. Read



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