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How Qatar bought Britain

Qatar is smaller than the size of Belgium, yet the richest country in the world on a per capital basis. It has one of the world’s fastest growing economies and the third largest gas reserves in the world. Enriched by oil and gas, this tiny Gulf state has embarked on a massive spending spree overseas. The UK is top of its shopping list. Already Qatar owns a list of iconic UK assets that includes swathes of our financial district, a slice of the London Stock Exchange, Harrods, stakes in Barclays, Sainsburys, The Shard and even Camden Market. But its real influence lies in gas — in 2011, Qatar supplied an astounding 85.5% of Britain’s imported Liquified Natural Gas. At a time of falling British North Sea supplies, we are becoming ever dependent on LNG imports. Qatar’s hold over our gas supply is set to strengthen. The story of the rising influence of Qatar over Britain and how so much of our future energy security now lies in the hands of this Middle Eastern desert nation. Read


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