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Inside Dementiaville: the pioneering Dutch dementia home revolutionising care

An exclusive look inside the world’s only village built for dementia patients. Dubbed Dementiaville, Hogewey in Holland is a home offering pioneering treatment for dementia sufferers with astonishing results. The patients live in a recreated village where nothing is as it seems. At a time when the issue of dementia has been described as a “ticking time bomb” for our generation, with a growing older population and the cost of dementia running to tens of billions a year in the UK alone, this unique experiment is gaining worldwide government attention. See the story in the Mail on Sunday.


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    Hi Edna

    I work for Twofour, an award winning production company.
    I would love to chat to you about Inside Dementiaville.

    Please let me know when a good time to chat may be…

    Best wishes

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    Hi there;

    I’m a writer based in Canada who tackles the issues of our aging population, and I came across your wonderful exploration of Hogewey in the Mail. I hope it’s OK, but I’m planning to link to the story on our site.

    Should you have any concerns, by all means let me know. All the best, and thanks for the great story!

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    Well done.
    Where in Holland are you?
    I live in New Zeland and would like to visit if possible when i am in Europe in July this year.

    I have written a book about dementia and my care of Peter.

    I am also a registered psychologist and an elected City Councillor in the Capital, and also a Health Board member.

    I hope my book will be a force to bring about change in small or big ways..

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    HI Helene,

    Sorry for the late reply. I had some tech probs with my account. I am in London but visited Holland to do the piece. The subject is very relevant and I found the system of treatment at this home very inspiring. Good luck with your book and feel free to provide a link to the article if it helps.

    best wishes


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    Thanks Kristian,
    Sorry for the late response. I’m afraid I had a few problems with my site. But I would be delighted if you’d link to the story and glad that the subject is gathering momentum around the world.

    best wishes


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    HI Gemma,

    Sorry for the late reply to this. I had problems with my site for a while. I don’t know if you ever reached me via other methods — but happy to chat. Your work sounds very interesting.

    best wishes


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    HI Gemma, do get in touch on ednamailbox@gmail.com — your work sounds very interesting and I’d be happy to chat. Sorry for delay in replying — I had a few tech problems

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    Thanks Javier, I just post when there’s something to put up — a bit old fashioned, I know! But I would like to hear more on what you think on other stories you’d like to see covered. Do use the direct email ednamailbox@gmail.com for a faster response.

    best wishes


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