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Tunisia: what now for the birthplace of the Arab Spring revolution?

Riots, political vacuum and mass migration — these are just some of the problems now gripping Tunisia, birthplace of the so-called Jasmine Revolution, as it struggles to move towards democracy. As other countries in the region emulate Tunisia in the Arab Spring revolt, what happens here could be indicative of the future of others. Read

Mail on Sunday special report on Greece’s economic meltdown

Read my special report from Athens on the riots against economic reform as Greece seeks to avoid defaulting on its national debt — a crisis which threatens the entire Eurozone. See link

Post-Fidel Cuba experiments with economic reforms

As Cubans seek change and the country faces its toughest time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the post Fidel-Castro Cuban government is experimenting with economic reforms including capitalist-style bonus payments and desperately seeking foreign investment. See link

Talk at Jewish Historical Society: May 25 2010

I’ll be giving a talk at the Jewish Historical Society in London on 25 May 2010 at 7pm, on “The Last Jews of Kerala”.

Holy Warriors included in list of best books on Asia of last decade

Holy Warriors included in list of best books on Asia of the last decade. The list includes classics such as Colin Thubron’s Silk Road and Amithav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace. Take a look.

Talk at National Portrait Gallery Lit Festival: 15 March 2010

Come along to my talk at the National Portrait Gallery on 15 March 2010, as part of its Contemporary Literary Festival. 7pm in the Ondaatje Wing Theatre, West End, London.

Hindu And Sikh Pictures

Two photo-portraits.

November 12 2008 – Nehru Centre, London

6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, Mayfair London. Edna Fernandes discusses her new book The Last Jews of Kerala.

Holy Warriors shortlisted for TR Fyvel prize

Holy Warriors was shortlisted for the 2008 Index on Censorship TR Fyvel prize.  The book was one of four chosen from around the world. See Freedom of Expression awards.

Articles on: Blair’s new mission, plus the Taliban’s birthplace

Edna Fernandes’ article “Faith Healers” explores Blair’s effort to champion global interfaith dialogue.  Also see my article “Allah’s Ambassadors“, giving unique insight into the Darul Uloom madrassa, spiritual birthplace of the Taliban.