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Indian Summer Literary Festival on terror threat

On 31 July, I joined a panel of speakers at the Indian Summer Literary Festival in Somerset which kicked off with a discussion on Afghanistan and the terror threat emanating from the wider South Asia region. The discussion, chaired by historian Charles Allen (author of the must-read “God’s Terrorists”), was led by General Sir Michael Rose, LSE Professor Emeritus Lord Meghnad Desai and author Pankaj Mishra. The result was a sobre and chilling insight into the regional threat the Taliban poses as well as the spread of their ideology beyond the Indo Af-Pak region and even as far as Britain itself. The day’s events included discussions with authors Kishwar Desai on her new thriller and Nancy Shields giving an entertaining presentation on English society lady Henrietta Clive’s journey around India in the 1790s, with readings from the “Four Weddings” actress Anna Chancellor. The event was organised by Lady Theresa Waugh for the Gardners’ Memorial School Trust in India.

Talk at Jewish Historical Society: May 25 2010

I’ll be giving a talk to the Jewish Historical Society in London on May 25 2010 at 7pm. Details to be posted shortly. This is part of an ongoing programme of talks on “The Last Jews of Kerala” to Jewish institutions including the Society and the Association of Jewish Refugees, which represents Holocaust survivors in Britain.

Talk at National Portrait Gallery Lit Festival: 15 March 2010

I’ll be giving a talk on my book “The Last Jews of Kerala” at the National Portrait Gallery’s Contemporary Literary Festival on 15 March 2010 at 7pm in the Ondaatje Wing Theatre. Do take a look at the line-up which is focusing on Asian literature this year. See the link

March 1 2009: Jewish Book Week

On 1 March at 2pm, Edna Fernandes and fellow author Sophie Judah discussed the history of India’s Jewish Diaspora and its decline in numbers as part of the Jewish Book Week Literary Festival in London’s Bloomsbury. The discussion ranged from the internal conflict of those Jews who left India for Israel as well as the story of the racial divide that plagued Kerala’s Jews for four centuries.

Dec 16 2008: Frontline Club debate on Mumbai attacks

The Frontline Club in London is hosting a reactive debate to the Mumbai terrorist attacks on 16th December 2008 at 7pm. I will be joining a panel including David Loyn (BBC) and Vikram Dodd (Guardian), chaired by Owen Bennett Jones (BBC).

What will these attacks mean for the ongoing “war on terror” and will India now be seen as a soft target? Will deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India be brought closer by a new co-operation to work together in the aftermath of the attacks and a joint desire to bring the perpetrators to justice? Or will these attacks simply fuel the existing tensions between these two nuclear powers?

November 12 2008 – Nehru Centre, London

6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, Mayfair London. Edna Fernandes discusses her new book The Last Jews of Kerala. (more…)

August 19 2008 – Edinburgh International Book Festival

2.30pm at the Peppers Theatre, Edinburgh. Author Edna Fernandes discusses her new book The Last Jews of Kerala. (more…)

May 22 2008 – Borders, Oxford

7.30pm at Borders bookshop in Oxford. A discussion on “India – Then and Now” with Alex von Tunzelmann, author of Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire and Edna Fernandes, author of Holy Warriors. (more…)

December 3 2007 – Asia House, Mayfair, London

Edna Fernandes discusses her book Holy Warriors. (more…)

August 15 2007 – Edinburgh International Book Festival

8.30pm at the Peppers Theatre, Edinburgh Festival. The author Edna Fernandes will discuss Holy Warriors in the context of the 60th anniversary of Partition